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We Body Double all week!

Have you heard of body doubling yet? If you've spent time in enough ADHD spaces the term has likely popped up a few times. But what is it?

Body doubling is is a tool some adults use to help them start and complete projects. Sometimes referred to as an accountability partner, it is a technique for better productivity. A body double is a friend or partner who works simultaneously, either in the same room or virtually through videochat platforms. (CHADD)

Here at The ADHD Lady's Coaching Services we've been hosting body double sessions twice a week from the very beginning, 2 years ago. You get those two sessions included for every 1:1 session you have. They are held during working hours so you can jump on at the office or at home to have support for the stuff you are really struggling to do. While this has been great, it was clear that people needed more access to this tool. That where Lisa comes in. She's a former educator and has ADHD herself! So just like Amanda, she understand how to teach skills that work, but also how to have compassion for the genuine struggles that come from having ADHD. Lisa is currently training to come on board as a full-time ADHD coach this Summer, but right now her focus is on her Crew. Accountability Crew that is.

With Lisa on the team we've added 5 extra accountability sessions a week! This time expanding to offering morning and evening sessions too. So being a part of Accountability Crew gets you 7 hours a week to body double and get extra support for the areas you may struggle more with. If you are interested in joining Lisa and Amanda each week you can sign up here on the website or by emailing Amanda directly.

We are so excited to offer this incredible tool to the community and at such an affordable cost! 7 hours a week for only $50 a MONTH! Thats at least 28 hours of services every month. Seriously, you don't want to miss out on this resource!

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