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Low Effort Meals

It takes a lot of executive functioning to feed ourselves. And some days we just don't have that in us. You are not a bad person if you don't have it in you. Feeding your self three times a day is more important than having the perfect meal three times a day. To get better executive functioning we need to eat. So I compiled this list of low effort foods that take really little prep work or no prep at all besides a trip to the microwave. This is a list that I will continue to update as a resource for the neurodivergent community. In the meantime pull out your D 20 and roll the die to see what you're having for lunch today. It's all numbered so you don't have to worry about decision making. Meet yourself where you're at, and if where you're at can only handle a bowl of cereal then that's OK.

1. Sandwich

2. Grilled cheese (You can add lunchmeat to make it more hearty) *Also the grilled cheese maker is really easy to use!

3. Unflavored protein drink 4. "Just crack an egg" pack 5. Frozen lunches like lean cuisine 6. Minute rice cup with a tuna packet or can of chicken and a little mayo 7. Pre-made salads 8. Lunchables 9. Cereal 10. Yogurt with granola 11. Frozen pizza 12. Chicken nuggets 13. Mac n' cheese 14. Hot pockets 15. Frozen lasagna 16. Frozen taquitos 17. Quesadilla 18. Eggs and toast 19. Toast/ bagel/ english muffin with nutella, crea, cheese, peanut butter, avocado spread, or butter and honey 20. Avocado with flavored tuna packet 21. Trail mix 22. Just add water pancake mix with brown and serve microwave sausage 23. Frozen stir fry veggies and frozen grilled chicken sautéed together 24. Steamer frozen veggies 25. Bag of 90 second rice and precooked beef sausage mixed in a pan 26. Kielbasa and sauerkraut 27. Hotdogs 28. Spaghetti 29. Banana and a granola bar 30. Can of corned beef and hash brown potatoes 31. Cup of soup

32. Jimmy deans breakfast sandwich Crock pot: 1. Lil smokies and bbq sauce 2-3 hours 2. Chicken soup -can of peas and carrots, S&P, broth, chicken, noodles of your choice at the end of cooking 3. Chicken and a jar of salsa 4-6 hours serve over rice 4. Hawaiian Chicken- chicken breast with a can of pineapples and bbq sauce over 4-6 hours serve over white rice 5. Meatballs with chili sauce and can of cranberry sauce 2-3 hours high

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