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The Carey Method

Below is my first official YouTube video, I've done a couple short ones before now, but this one really dives into the Carey Method!

What do you want to see or hear? I would love to know what else you guys want to hear on my podcast or watch on my other socials! Is there something quick you want to learn on TikTok or a longer chat you'd like to see on YouTube? I want to know! So shoot me a message with the contact me button so I can hear from you!

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Chelsey Hanna
Chelsey Hanna
2022년 2월 27일

As and ADHDer and someone who works with autistic children and kids with ADHD at the elementary school level, we are only taught the “first work, then play“ method. I live it all day and (try) all night with my own adhd children. I honestly I thrive at work - with the structure of school and the excitement and unpredictability of my job, but at home I STRUGGLE with implementing any structure or really accomplishing anything without stress or procrastination. I’m excited for this new way of getting my motor running to do the thing AND the ability to take a break after completing something without the fear of getting sucked into the couch for the rest of the night.…


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