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Yes, you read that right, there's another member of Team ADHD Lady.

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Coach Amanda

One-on-One | Group Sessions | Accountability Crew

I've spent lifetime of being neurodivergent myself I was diagnosed at 28 with ADHD and ASD at 30, but started my Neurodivergent education over a decade earlier learning about ADHD because of my family members and students. In addition to years of in-services on ADHD and executive dysfunction I have taken many classes and webinars to expand on my ADHD life-coaching experience to best serve my clients. Most recently I took an Autism Specialist course to continue to build my knowledge in that area too! I recently received my meditation instructor cert in addition to other life coaching certifications to better help my clients.

I am so thrilled to have Lisa be part of The ADHD Lady's Coaching Services team! Her accountability crew is an invaluable asset to my clients so I couldn't be happier to have her expanding her services.

- Amanda

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Coach Lisa

One-on-One | Accountability Crew

Lisa is a former educator, a mother, wife, and an ADHDer. She's been leading accountability crew for 2 years now and stepping into her newest role as a one-on-one ADHD coach.

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