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Emotional Regulation isn't part of the DSM, but it definitely is a part of ADHD!

Emotional control is one of our executive functions. As far as the amount of executive functions we have goes, there isn’t an exact number of functions experts agree upon. Some say there are 5 others say there are more than 20. The consensus though, seems to be around 7 to 8 primary executive functions. Emotional control, or emotional regulation as I prefer, is one of those functions. Since ADHD is more of an executive functioning disorder than it is an attention disorder it makes sense that so many of us struggle with our emotions.

Learning how to handle difficult situations that bring up big emotions is some thing that we actually should be practicing before the emotion hits. That’s one of the reasons I created this tool kit. To provide a visual for my clients to see what their options are when they begin to feel dysregulated.

As I said, I do recommend practicing these tools when you’re feeling more regulated. This way when the big emotions swells up inside of you, and takes hold of your working memory so that is all you can think about, you already know how to do the thing that could help.

I hope this resource is an aid to others who struggle with emotional regulation as part of their ADHD. If you have any follow-up questions reach out to talk about coaching and how we can work through some of your struggles with ADHD together.

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